What People Say

" I needed help selecting new colors for the interior of our home. Kathy came to the house and went room by room and made suggestions about different colors based on what was in each room. She was spot on with her color selections. After the painting was complete I was so pleased with her recommendations. She was very friendly and professional. She was a big help to me and I would recommend her for any re-design needs you may have."  Laura T.

"I am a hard-working single mom with no extra time to decorate and found out I could re-design affordably and love my living room again! Kathy Phelan re-did my living room and I love it! I had many furnishings that I was not using and now I enjoy my living room and show it off to everyone! It’s a great idea to re-design for those of us on budgets and anyone that wants a fresh idea for an existing space. In these times of recycling and cost-cutting needs the idea of re-design is the answer. Thank-you Kathy for changing my life and helping me to rediscover my home.​"     Jean M.

"Kathy did a fabulous job.  She took our current furniture and belongings and re-configured them to make our home so much more comfortable and presentable.  Thanks so much Kathy."     Gina P.

"Hiring Re-Design Time to stage my Jupiter condo and ready it for the rental season has been a smooth, easy and beneficial experience. Kathy was friendly, efficient, and responsive, and I am very grateful for her services. My beautiful condo was in need of new linens and towels, balcony furniture, and some TLC. In a short period of time, shopping, sorting, and refreshing was accomplished. Thank you once again. I am very pleased and the condo has rented."      Jo

"Kathy is a true design professional and her unique understanding of color is why I have worked with her on 3 different projects."    Susanne

"I am pleased to highly recommend Kathy Phelan of Re-Design Time. It is very difficult finding a decorator who will take on a small job and use the existing furniture. Most want to start and use their ideas and furnishings, which usually can run into the thousands of dollars. But Kathy's philosophy is to use what you have in new ways and work within a reasonable budget.

Kathy was very accepting, friendly and flexible. In our initial email exchange,  I explained feeling "stuck" and needing help to finish decorating my living room. I explained the wish to use existing furnishings as much as possible. She agreed and was totally simpatico with the idea. When she arrived at my condo, she came with briefcases filled with paint samples,fabric swaths, and tools....and she was bursting with ideas. We were able to rearrange my living and dining space, discuss color choices, art work and additional furniture options all in just about 1 hour and I received a formal written design plan. In closing,  I would highly recommend Kathy Phelan of Re-Design Time. She was terrific and it was money well spent."      Donna G

"Great listener and so thorough! What we appreciated most about working with Kathy was her time and attention to the details and to how we wanted to use the space (kitchen, family and living room re-design). She asked us many questions before making any suggestions. Once she heard us out, we talked extensively about colors and tones. Then, we went to the paint store and she helped us try a number of colors based on what we liked, the existing elements of the house, and natural light. She wove so many pieces together for us that we had no clue about. It was so helpful to have her guidance and advice! We cannot wait to have her work on track rest of our house!"       Candace

"We had a wonderful experience with Kathy. She made what looked like an impossible task very manageable. She organized the project in steps which made it much easier to accomplish. She provided vendors and stores that we were not even aware existed. The upgrade of our home came out very well. Beyond our expectations. I would recommend her to anyone."      John M. 

"It was time for me to downsize, but what to keep...throw away... give away? Kathy helped me in this transition so my new home has what I treasure! She kept to my budget restraints and made my home look welcoming and comfortable. I have say she went above and beyond to make this experience perfect. Thank you Kathy! "    Lynn B 

"I hired Kathy to help me stage my home for resale. Kathy went thru every room as well as the outside. It was wonderful to have a professional give us an objective opinion about what to give away, what to consign, and what to relocate to another room. She gave us "permission" if you will to get rid of things that we didn't want to keep,but had for years! At the end of the process she emailed me a detailed list of what to finish in each room to stage it for resale. She also gave me a detailed list of reputable consignment shops and picked paint colors with me for the interior of the house. Our house looks great thanks to Kathy. I would highly recommend using her...she can help you redesign if you are not trying to stage for a sale.”      Mary-Lee W. 

"We are in the process of selling our home. A little while before we put it on the market, I had Kathy help me create a home that buyers would find irresistible. Kathy suggested wall colors for several rooms. I was most impressed with her solution to a problem I'd been battling in my master bath. She suggested just the right shade of wall color to soften a harsh tile/countertop combination. Her color suggestion pulled the whole room together into a flattering space. She also suggested I move a couple of pieces of furniture in order for the room to feel more expansive. When we did what she said, the room did feel much bigger! She also helped me choose which wall hangings to take down in order to declutter. Her suggestions were right on the money. I would use Kathy to decorate my next home if we weren't moving out of state!"       Bonnie B.

"I only needed a consultation on furniture placement and colors. Kathy was able to answer all my questions and offer suggestions. She was professional, courteous, punctual and pleasant at all time. I felt I received good information during her visit. She even sent me, via email, some resources to check out. I highly recommend Kathy."     Sybylle K. 

"Kathy from Re-Design Time was wonderful. She gave great advice regarding paint colors for the interior of my home. The end project turned out great. Kathy was very reasonably priced, on time and very professional." 

Fran K. 

"I loved working with Re-Design Time. Kathy was very professional and helped me pull my project together. I am very happy with our choices."    Peggy W.


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